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Refugees from Afghanistan have started arriving in the US with DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) area expected to receive 9,000 refugees out of a total of 93,000 refugees arriving in the US by September 2022. From August 2021 to date, 2,000 refugees have already come to the Maryland area covering Prince George’s County and Montgomery County. After a thorough vetting process that includes medical screenings, vaccination shots, etc., the refugees are released into various US states. They receive Medicaid or Refugee Medical Assistance (RMA). However, lackof education on their benefits, the gaps in coverage (dental is not covered), access to medical clinics (lack of transportation and of knowledge/rights) and language are barriers for them to access Medical Services.

The organization was formed in 1989 when a Bay Area Rotarian, Dr. Mark Campbell and his Rotary Club of Campbell reviewed the Bay Area Community Health Needs Assessment and set out to help those who had limited access to much-needed healthcare services.
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